Mortgage Express

Another subsidiary of Bradford & Bingley, Mortgage Express offers products for first time buyers, the self-employed, people with negative equity who can borrow up to 130% - and prospective buy-to-let purchasers. The site design is somewhat chaotic but there's plenty of information on rates and conditions together with sensible buying advice.

Mortgage Express is owned by Bradford & Bingley and offers a good range of products for more unusual customers: self-employed people, customers with negative equity, buy to let, let to buy and those who need to borrow 100% or more. While Mortgage Express will lend up to 130% of your property's value, it doesn't charge a MIG the nasty fee that most lenders put on loans of 95% or more. All products come with "choices", a package that lets you overpay or take payment holidays.

Rates are reasonable but vary widely between products: a 75% flexible mortgage attracts interest at 1.5% over the Bank of England base rate, while a 130% mortgage is charged at the base rate plus 2.5%. It's important to note that these rates are interest rates, not APRs (which include fees and other charges); again, these differ between products. Valuation fees increase according to the value of your property, buy to let mortgages incur additional fees and so on.