Cash-rich buy-to-let investors 'able to get best mortgages'

Date:Monday 29th June 2009
Author: Susanna Kavka

Buy-to-let property investors who are cash-rich are able to choose the best mortgage deals, it has been said.

Commenting on the issue, Richard Bowser, editor at Property Investor News, claimed that there has been no sign of a turnaround in the availability of mortgage financing.

He said: "What we are seeing in the market at the moment, as far as private landlords and investors are concerned, is that those people who are cash-rich are able to cherry pick the very best deals."

Mr Bowser added that such people are able to negotiate "very hard-balled" discounts and they are selectively buying stock for the medium to long-term.

He made his comments in the wake of the release of the latest Young Index, which revealed that 52 per cent of investors claim to be considering buying property in London over the next year, while 30 per cent are looking to purchase properties elsewhere in Britain.