Check multiple sources, says HSBC mortgages

Date:Monday 2nd August 2010
Author: Max Freedman

It can be useful to visit a broker when looking for the best home finance deal, according to a representative from HSBC mortgages, but consumers should not stop there.

Martijn van der Heijden, head of mortgages at the firm, stressed that it is sensible to check out various sources before committing to a product, highlighting best-buy tables, comparison sites and lenders themselves as potentially helpful resources.

He said: "Going to a broker can be a useful part of this process, but as this research clearly shows it definitely shouldn't be seen as the route to guaranteeing you the best deal."

These remarks were made after HSBC mortgages revealed that 'direct-only' arrangements have accounted for the firm's lowest rates over the past two years.

Last month, a Nationwide housing report showed that the average value of homes in the UK in July dropped by 0.5 per cent compared to the previous month, but had increased by 6.6 per cent over the past year.