Coventry fixed-rate remortgage package offers a reduced deal

Date:Friday 19th March 2010

Colin Franklin, sales and marketing director for the building society, said a lot of people are browsing the market in order to remortgage from their standard variable rate to a fixed rate and guard against the possibility of rising interest rates.

He stated: "Consider the Coventry - with a range of great value products and all the legal work involved in remortgaging included at no additional cost, they will surely save money."

In addition, a 4.49 per cent three-year fixed Flexx-rate with a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 75 per cent is only available to those wishing to remortgage their property.

The lender also provides a choice between a 2.19 per cent two-year base-rate tracker loan with a 65 per cent LTV ratio, or a 2.39 per cent deal with a 75 LTV ratio.

A Council of Mortgage Lenders report for February revealed a six per cent increase in gross lending to £9.2 billion from January, which was estimated at £8.7 billion.