David Wilson offers three-year price guarantee

Date:Tuesday 23rd September 2008

Housing developing firm David Wilson has launched a three-year price guarantee deal to help people wishing to move to bigger homes.

It is aimed to help those people wanting to upsize but worried about the price falling in the next few years.

If a buyer wishes to sell their home within three years and the value is lower than what they paid for it, David Wilson will make up the difference to a 15 per cent maximum.

"In other words, even if house prices fall 15 per cent by 2011, you won't be any worse off," the company said in a statement.

David Wilson claims it is the first time any major homebuilder has given customers protection against dropping prices.

Spokesperson Philip Lacey said the offer "hugely reduces the risk" facing people wanting to move.

David Wilson has also started taking reservations for properties in its new Wellington Court development in Ibstock.

The development is due to launch in January next year and holds one, two and three-bedroom homes.