Haart: How to become attractive to lenders

Date:Friday 26th September 2008

Advice has been given by estate agent network Spicerhaart on how borrowers can make themselves more likely to secure a mortgage.

Anyone who has never borrowed money will not have a credit rating, so borrowers should make sure they have borrowed and repaid to demonstrate that they are reliable.

But they should not take out too many cards as this will be offputting to lenders and debts should be paid off.

Being registered to vote at every address one lives at is important as it confirms your identity and address history.

Moving house too often is not advisable.

Borrowers who can prove they have a high level of savings are also more attractive.

Meanwhile, the government's First Time Buyers Initiative has made it easier for people to purchase their first property at a development in Kent.

Coutryside Properties' Stone Rise development, near Bluewater, has its cheapest one-bedroom flats at £129,900.

They can be bought with a mortgage as low as £64,950, which is half the full purchase price.