Halifax mortgages 'cheaper until October 3rd'

Date:Tuesday 7th September 2010
Author: Max Freedman

Consumers can receive a discount on the interest rate they receive on Halifax mortgages if they apply by October 3rd 2010.

Stephen Noakes, commercial director of mortgages at the firm, pointed out that it is not just one specific product that will see the reduction applied.

He said: "The Halifax Great Rate Cut sees us making significant reductions across our whole product range for homebuyers."

Customers can enjoy a discount of at least 0.3 per cent on their home finance deal during the promotional period, with the reduced interest rate applying until the end of 2011.

Individuals who hold their current account with the financial institution are in an especially privileged position, since they are being offered an additional 0.2 per cent reduction on Halifax mortgages.

Last week, the same organisation published research showing semi-detached property owners have been the biggest winners over the past ten years in terms of how much their houses have gone up in price during that time.