Leeds Building Society offers 'good mortgage range'

Date:Monday 14th December 2009
Author: Susanna Kavka

The range of mortgages available from Leeds Building Society puts it in a good position to offer new products for those looking to buy a property.

For new buyers who want to get a fixed-rate mortgage, there is a loan available at 2.99 per cent for one year, at up to 65 per cent of the loan-to-value (LTV). After the first year, the product reverts to the Bank of England base rate, plus 2.99 per cent.

A two-year fixed-rate product gives a rate of 3.79 per cent at up to 60 per cent LTV, which increases to 5.69 per cent with an 85 per cent LTV.

There is also a five-year fixed-rate deal on offer with a rate of 4.75 per cent with a LTV of up to 75 per cent.

Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society's sales and marketing director, said: "We have an excellent mortgage range available and are well placed to offer very competitive deals to take advantage of people having an increased appetite to buy or move."