Mortgage market 'currently good for landlords'

Date:Monday 24th May 2010
Author: Max Freedman

Landlords are in a good position in the mortgage market, with the letting sector also providing such investors with good opportunities, it has been suggested.

Property Hawk editor Chris Horne made these remarks after the National Landlords Association revealed 57 per cent of landlords see their prospects over the next three months as good or very good.

He explained that landlords are in a fairly comfortable position as a result of the stabilisation of the housing market.

Mr Horne stated: "Rents are fairly stable, if not rising, and demand is strong from tenants because first-time buyers are delaying purchases."

In his opinion, interest rates are falling in terms of buy-to-let mortgage products, with some companies beginning to offer higher loan-to-value deals.

As an example of how much landlords' positions have improved with regards to securing finance, Mr Horne highlighted a new arrangement being offered by The Mortgage Works, which is available at 80 per cent loan to value.