Number of 90% LTV mortgages rises 88 per cent

Date:Tuesday 23rd February 2010
Author: Susanna Kavka

There are currently 88 per cent more 90 per cent loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages on the market than there were 12 months ago, it has been stated.

The number of lenders offering a product with a LTV of 90 per cent of above has almost doubled in the last year, has announced.

Its figures show that there are 147 fixed-rate products available for people who have ten per cent of the value of their property ready for a deposit, which is an increase on the 78 which were on offer last year.

Pierre Williams, head of research for, said: "Lenders have been risk averse in the past year and have shied away from high LTVs. Measured optimism over the housing market, though, seems to be encouraging higher value lending."

One of the loans on offer is the 90 per cent LTV product that was recently announced by Newcastle Building Society, which provides a two-year tracker and fixed-rate product available for first-time buyers.