Number of mortgages available to FTBs 'on the increase'

Date:Wednesday 17th June 2009
Author: Susanna Kavka

First-time buyers (FTBs) have an increasing choice in terms of the number of mortgage products available to them, an industry practitioner has said.

Helen Adams, managing director of, claimed that home loans aimed at such people are coming back on to the market.

The expert suggested that the government is making a "reasonable effort" to help people find mortgages that are suitable for people with smaller deposits.

She added that mortgage providers are also increasingly showing interest in lending to FTBs.

Ms Adams went on to state: "There's still further to go - obviously we don't want to see over-borrowing - [but] this is the beginning of people wanting to lend to FTBs, where they haven't done for a while.

"I think the loans are certainly coming back to the market."

Earlier this month, Sue Anderson from the Council of Mortgage Lenders suggested that the UK will continue to see a rise in the number of mortgage applications approved.