Platform reduces rates on mortgages

Date:Wednesday 3rd February 2010
Author: Max Freedman

Platform has announced it is to reduce the rates across its mainstream mortgage products.

Consumers looking for a fixed-rate product may be interested in the company's two-year deal, which offers a rate of 3.59 per cent.

Alternatively, there is also a two-year tracker product on offer with a rate of 2.69 per cent.

Taking out the tracker product could be an attractive option, as the company has pledged not to increase its rates of interest on this range until the Bank of England base rate has increased to over one per cent.

Lee Gladwell, director of business development at Platform, said that the company is striving to put its customers at the heart of its services and give them a fair and personal service.

Platform recently predicted that this year would be good for the housing market, with 74 per cent of those it questioned believing that house prices will rise by five per cent before the end of 2010.