Santander mortgages 'deliver variety'

Date:Monday 20th December 2010
Author: Max Freedman

There are a great variety of Santander mortgages available for customers to choose from, according to a source from the firm.

Phil Cliff, director of mortgages at the company, made his comments after the group reduced the interest rates on several products, including a two-year tracker, two-year fixed-rate deal and three-year fixed-rate arrangement.

In his opinion, the variety of propositions open to customers means that different people's needs can be met.

"Whether they're looking to remortgage or purchase a house, we have some extremely competitive product deals," said Mr Cliff.

The home finance agreements will feature up to 0.2 per cent lower interest rates from Tuesday (December 21st).

Mr Cliff suggested Santander's decision to alter the products demonstrates how committed the brand is to helping the UK housing industry recover.

Earlier this month, the interest rates on a selection of remortgage propositions were cut by up to 0.16 per cent, with the company also launching an 85 per cent loan to value deal aimed at first-time buyers.