'Very good remortgage deals' currently available

Date:Friday 28th May 2010
Author: Susanna Kavka

Homeowners looking to remortgage their property have plenty of competitive deals to choose from currently, it has been suggested by one industry commentator.

Stuart Law, chief executive of property investment advisors Assetz, explained his firm is currently suggesting that many of their clients consider remortgaging, because of the quality of the arrangements on offer.

He remarked: "It is a good time if you need the money or if you see an opportunity to reduce your monthly costs because there are plenty of people who can save money per month."

Mr Law claimed there are better deals available for home purchases than for buy-to-let arrangements.

In his opinion, there are plenty of people who could raise money out of remortgaging their house.

HSBC recently lauded the importance of holding equity in a home, since it allows people access to better interest rates if they decide to remortgage their home.

The organisation suggested there is a widening gap between the rates on offer to those with small deposits and larger ones.