NatWest and RBS mortgages 'could save money for customers'

Date:Monday 18th October 2010
Author: Susanna Kavka

Customers could find that they save money by signing up for one of a range of new NatWest and RBS mortgages, according to a representative from the firms.

Head of NatWest mortgages Craig Calder suggested a selection of home finance options set to be unveiled tomorrow (Tuesday October 19th) could give people more choice and potentially reduce the amount they shell out each month.

He said: "Many people remain on their Standard Variable Rate [SVR], unaware that some of the best tracker and fixed rates are now lower than their SVR."

Mr Calder made his remarks after it was announced that a selection of NatWest and RBS mortgages have had their interest rates reduced by up to 0.5 percentage points.

Among these products are two fixed-rate arrangements that are only available to remortgaging customers.

This month, RBS consumer economist Fionnuala Earley urged people not to read too much into the 3.6 per cent fall in house prices in September reported by Halifax.