UK landlords 'suffering from lack of buy-to-let mortgage lending'

Date:Monday 18th May 2009
Author: Max Freedman

Landlords in the UK are suffering from a lack of buy-to-let mortgage lending, it has been claimed.

According to Steven Hilton, a spokesperson for the National Landlords Association (NLA), a lending shortage is restricting the ability of such people to acquire more properties and expand their property portfolios.

He stated: "This impacts on landlords with a small number of properties right through to larger investors.

"Any turn of events which reduces housing options has to be bad news for tenants."

However, the UK's buy-to-let sector will survive the recession, he claimed, adding that its fundamentals "remain strong".

Mr Hilton also said that the buy-to-let market remains flexible and the NLA is confident it will adapt to the challenges it faces during the ongoing credit crunch.

Serving to protect and promote the interests of residential landlords operating in the UK's private rented sector, the NLA claims to have around 13,000 members.