Yorkshire Building Society mortgages says each customer is different

Date:Thursday 4th November 2010
Author: Max Freedman

Each client will have a different set of home finance needs, according to a representative from Yorkshire Building Society mortgages.

Tom Girling, mortgage product manager at the company, pointed out that some individuals may benefit from paying high fees and securing a lower interest rate.

But he accepted that others may prefer to hand over less money to begin with and perhaps deal with a slightly higher interest rate on their lending.

"When choosing a mortgage, we always encourage customers to look beyond the headline rate and consider the overall deal," said Mr Girling.

In his opinion, it is vital that people look past the latest home finance trend and find a proposition that really suits their needs.

Last month, Yorkshire Building Society mortgages launched a two-year fixed-rate deal at 2.89 per cent interest, which is available to remortgagers who have at least 25 per cent equity in their home.

The arrangement includes a free valuation.